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Catherina & Thinh Wedding at Holroyd Garden – Villa Capri

Catherina & Thinh Wedding at Holroyd Garden – Villa Capri

Catherina & Thinh Wedding at Holroyd Garden & Villa Capri

Cath & Thinh are highschool sweetheart and have been together for a long time. Their wedding day was filled with smile and laughter. They had their wedding ceremony at the lovely Holroyd Garden & wedding reception at Villa Capri, Cabramatta.

Our Video & Photography team had a blast capturing their wedding day. Thank you for choosing Lightheart to be your videographer and photographer.

Make up: Sally Studio
wedding Gowns: Inspired by Madison James + Stella York
Decorations: Fantasy Aisles
Hair Stylist: Sally Studio
Wedding Cars: Silver Cloud Cars

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