Weddings are one of the most important events in one’s life. It involves a lot of things, a lot of planning. It’s about two lovers, but also about family. Weddings evolve over the years, but it’s still a tradition.

Looking back at Brenda and Daniel’s wedding day, it depicted so many things about the definition of weddings we could think of. We remember how they were so nervous and wouldn’t talk to each other before they met on the day for good luck.. How Brenda’s mum went to get more food to make sure everyone was well-fed 😀 (PS: food was really good!)

There’s always things that do not go as planned during weddings, for example, when Daniel dropped the ring at the Ceremony 😀 he definitely didn’t plan that, but then it will be something from their wedding day they can laugh about at dinner tables with family in 10 years 🙂

Wedding can be a lot of things, but what’s most important is the commitment the two souls make on the wedding day. Witnessing Brenda and Daniel on their wedding day, we know how strong their love and commitment are to each other and we know that they will grow stronger and more in love as each day passes. GO team CHAUSAAC!!! 🙂

Brenda and Daniel had their wedding ceremony and reception at the beautiful Oatlands House, which is part of Navara venues.

Reception venue: Oatlands House – Navara venues

Ceremony: Oatlands House – Navara venues