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Gordana + Paul

Terrera House Estate

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Paul and his bride Gordana had a country wedding September 12, 2015. They held it at the Terrara House Estate, which is a three-hour drive from Sydney. It was an intimate affair that was attended by their family and close friends. And all the special moments during the special event were captured by Lightheart Wedding Films & Photography team in Sydney.

The weather is just right for Gordana and Paul’s wedding day. It was sunny and not too hot, which is the perfect weather for a county wedding celebration. Everyone was happy for couple as they pledged to love each other forever. From the moment the bride walked down the aisle until the final dance of the reception, Lightheart Sydney wedding photographer immortalised everything in pictures.

Terrara House Estate is the perfect venue for the county wedding. The venue is surrounded by green pastures, which made the wedding more memorable for the couple and their guests. It combines the best that the present and the past have to offer. And the result is a photogenic wedding celebration that truly embodied the personality of the couple. Every little detail of the decors showcased the couple’s love story. It served as a good background for the special day.

And a wedding celebration is not complete without the good food that was served at the venue. Terrara House Estate served great food during the event. If you look at the photos taken by the Sydney wedding photographer, then you’ll notice that everyone was having a great time. No one complained about the food. On the contrary, everyone had a memorable feasting experience as they joined the couple during their first dinner as husband and wife. The momentous event is best remembered through photos.

The guests were having lots of fun as they commemorated the official union of Gordana and Paul. The our best wedding photography team took candid photos of the guests as they mingled and socialised with each other during the party. The images captured the true feelings of the guests and served as a good memorabilia of the special day. The couple can look at the photos in the future and be able to see the smiling faces that they failed to notice during the actual wedding day.

As the top Sydney wedding photographer, Lightheart Films & Photography team has captured all the wonderful moments of Gordana and Paul’s special day. The couple can reminisce about their wedding by browsing through the photos; from the preparations to the actual wedding ceremony to the reception. Through the photos, the couple can relive their special day for the rest of their lives. May their love last forever, just like the memories that were captured on photographs of their special day?

Client:Gordana + Paul